About us

Isn’t it time?

"From the start all I wanted to do was to create food to make people happy, and in doing away with the unnecessary in stuffy fine dining. This I hope I succeeded in doing in the past years, and the years to follow. Underneath it all, we just want to have a good time in the company we're with, to bond and connect even more over good food and drinks. These are very special times, no two meals share the same experience.

That is why my belief has always been that the attention on the restaurant, the chef, the kitchen, should be rightfully returned to our guests whom I am very honoured to cook for. Because at The Disgruntled Chef, we work hard to create the experience so that you take home the happy memories."

Daniel Sia


Highly acclaimed celebrity Chef Daniel Sia planted seeds of his unfussy idealogy in Dempsey in 2010, deeply rooting his debut restaurant The Disgruntled Chef. His unyielding belief that one can have anything on the menu, in whichever order, and eat them too without compromising on world-class culinary standards for five years have not gone without international
media recognition.

The Disgruntled Chef's small plate-big plate concept allows for mediated chaos in an uncluttered space; focused attention is shifted from the chef to the real star, our guests, who desire to commune in a subtle, unobtrusive setting. This is Fine Dining Flipped.