Private Dining Room

Privacy Please

Tucked away in the basement is the Private Dining Room (PDR) where up to twelve guests can rely on our exclusive professional discretion.  Walk into TDC-style luxury, with built-in wine cellar and exquisite handpainted geometric silk walk covering from world-renowned Fromental - where this ancient craft has been practised in Suzhou since 2500 years ago.  For the utmost in comfort, handwoven Venetian fabrics and American plush leathers make up the upholstery of the unassuming oversized couch and made-to-order armchairs around the banquet table. Fresh flowers and glowing crystal decanters further accentuate the energetic colours of the room, and create a softer ambience throughout the private dining experience.  Welcome to your private world where personal touches do not go unnoticed.

For availability and pricing requests, kindly get in touch with our Private Dining Room team at 6808 2184.