The Team

It's Personal.


The maverick chef has been in the kitchen for over twenty years, because he loves working with his hands. Everything that is created by him is a true testament to the honesty of the craft – each careful slice of fresh produce is like a friendly handshake, and every timely braise and roast comforts like a strong arm around a friend’s shoulder. This is The Disgruntled Chef’s welcome. 

Head Chef

JacQ planted her roots when the restaurant first opened in 2010, before leaving to gain more professional insight two years later. With ten years of professional cooking experience, she returned to us with charged-up enthusiasm, constantly experimenting on new recipes. Despite the ‘pressure-cooker’ beat in one of the busiest kitchens, JacQ occasionally fishes off the South China Sea before releasing them back into the water.

Head Manager & Sommelier

Also one of the originals, Shireen has become a very familiar face at the restaurant. Besides imparting more than ten years of her experience in this business, she is constantly working on her nose.  Her nose for noteworthy wines that would bring out the best in each bite of the small plate-big plate menu. As sommelier, Shireen bagged Paul Jaboulet Aine & Chateau La Lagune Scholarship at World Gourmet Summit (WGS) Awards of Excellence in 2009, and won Sommelier of The Year at WGS Awards of Excellence in 2014.